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Saturday Stories – 5.30

I was in the lunch room and a few boys were at a table playing with their ranch dressing. I saw them out of the corner of my eye and went over to address the issue. Of course fingers flew and pointed at each other of whos fault it was, even though all that needed to be said was cut it out just eat it dont play with it. I then said “I may not be looking right at you but I am watching.” I walked away and kept glancing back and they kept giving me eyes. So I decided to see if I could help them help me, I went over and said “look I am here to help the teachers and you but, I will tell you what, You guys get to watch me. I give you permission to call me out, If you ever see me getting angry without reason or you see me being lazy call me out come and tell me, you get to watch me.”

I was playing basketball with two fourth graders 2 against 1. As I check the ball in to them they riddle off this unintelligible list of rules and I just laugh. They are so concerned that I am going to cheat or steal the ball they put all these codes in place. I keep playing and after hearing numerous don’t cheats, don’t foul I say, I am not going to cheat just watch, I will actually let you cheat while I stay straight, watch me. 

Never have I been more aware of my challenges to kids to watch me, when in 6 months I will have my own DNA watching me. 


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Saturday Stories – 2/7

Allison has a little squad of girls at school that follow her around the recess yard. Everyday we explain to yet another kid we are married, not just brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend. As these girls have gotten to know Allison, they have been asking about kids. Allison has told them we just don’t have any yet, we want some, but not yet. One girl with concern on her face said “Mrs. Allison I think you should go to the doctor.”

Part of us moving to Oakland was to usher in a new ear of World Impact. One in which we stop proclaiming to be experts, but instead putting ourselves in a position of learners. Allison and I are on the front lines of this as an organization and are continuing to learn what it looks like to come alongside people that have been doing God honoring things in the city for decades. It looks like us and others organizing a group of pastors from the city and a group from the suburbs to sit down and figure out how we can all work together. Or the men’s training home in which we facilitate men from the communities growing in Christ and then being sent out to start new churches. Mostly this is just a change of posture to humility, it is hard work but when we look to Jesus it is the way he went about his work – being confidently humble.

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Saturday Stories – 1/31

There was a special city council meeting last week to open up a dialogue with the city about current race relations and specifically the black lives matter movement. As many of you have watched the news, you have seen Oakland is a hotbed of activism and protest. What most of you don’t know however, is that the history of Oakland is repeating itself. Look back to the 60’s and black folk were tired of outside forces oppressively policing them. These communities were beginning in a new era of freedom and in a new place. It was a so called free world, yet still extremely segregated and racial hate dominated the majority of people in power. Out of this, with a goal of building up and supporting these black communities, the black panther party was formed in Oakland (in our neighborhood by the way). I don’t know about you, but it is amazing to me that slavery was abolished in 1865 yet in 1960, MLK was fighting for rights and now in 2015 we are still struggling to see all people treated equal. 150 years later and our hearts remain dark to those we have considered lesser than us. The effects of slavery and the way we view people runs deep into almost every aspect of America and for sure every aspect of our hearts.


For three weekends in a row by Target down the road where we do most of our shopping, there was a Restoration Hardware warehouse sale. I am not sure if you know of the furniture shop or not, but they have really nice but pretty expensive furniture. Allison and I have wanted a nice leather arm chair since we got married, but have yet to find the right one at the right price. We headed over to the sale and it was literally an empty warehouse with hundreds of furniture items discounted 50-85%. Sorry to burst the bubble, but we didn’t find one we liked. The next week as we were hanging out in San Francisco we were perusing the North Face store and ran into a beautiful chair. Allison pulled all the cushions off the chair searching for the tag to identify where they got it from & it was from Crate and Barrel. Then I had to ask if they would give or sell it to us, but unfortunately they weren’t willing to just give it to us. We are still on a hunt for a chair.

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Saturday Stories – 1/17

And we are back at it with the acclaimed Saturday Stories. We can’t guarantee there won’t be another long absence in the future 🙂

Allison sat with a girl at recess who is very vocal and expressive. As Allison was chatting with her, the girl looked up at her and asked her how old she was. Allison answered and the girl looked back and said “so you start getting grey hair when you’re 26?”

The other night I was unloading our car with a few home improvement supplies and had a quick chat with our neighbor. It began with the normal how have you been. He said “between the porch and inside it’s going good, when there is too much drama I just head inside.” Then I asked how long he has lived here. He responded with 8 years, then confirmed that we’re working on our first and asked where we moved from. I said we have been living in LA, Watts to be specific. He laughed and then said “oh shit this is nothing, you are coming from the battle field.”

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Year End Giving

There is something in the air you can almost taste it on your lips, people are filled with joy and generosity. If any of you are looking for a place to complete your year and give a tax-deductible donation please feel free to check out our support page for detailed information and/or click the Support Us button which will direct you to the World Impact giving page (scroll down to change gift designation – search staff and find Sean and Allison Daly).
year end

Thank You and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Filter Through The Noise

Take a few deep breaths and repeat.


Before the news coverage rolls and opinions fly like planes through the sky, prepare yourself.


What am I talking about? The Mike Brown case and Ferguson. No one knows what is going to happen, but if you have your finger on the pulse it is rapidly speeding up and has a high possibility of bursting. It has been 95 days since the killing of Mike Brown; pain has spilled onto the streets and waiting has turned into anger.

One of the unique experiences in our short life was living in Los Angeles, but specifically in Watts. They are places with rich history of struggle. In LA there have been two riots in the last 50 years. The people you share your yard with and the places you do your work shape the way you think and feel.  Largely these riots produced nothing, but hear me out. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said “a riot is the voice of the unheard.”

Be careful to not only think but feel. Remember, as someone recently told me, your relationships. Feel the pain of your hand as you removed it from the wall after a fight that wasn’t going your way. Remember the tears that flooded out, but words were hard to find. This level of frustration is confusing and most often we know it doesn’t make sense, but we feel so hopeless it is all we can do.

I hope peace can be the dominating force in America and beyond. From a place of deep respect and love we must find it in ourselves, no matter our opinion or even sometimes the facts, just to listen. Let’s be instruments of mercy offering a place for the pain, confusion, frustration, and history to be heard.

Take a few deep breaths and repeat.


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Focus on Jesus

I was standing in line with a young man from church and was talking about the daily troubles of getting kicked by another kids. As we pondered his reaction to the situation, we ran down the list of what he should do?

….kick back

….ignore it

…tell his mom

I piped up what is there was another way?

his glance towards me turned into what do you mean another way?

well sure you could pursue all of those other ways but Jesus said there is another way?

Jesus said “love your enemies?

He said, that’s hard!

I laughed and said yep, that’s why we need to pray and ask for help.