Life really is about what we believe in, whether it be the people we support, the teams we cheer for, the careers we sacrifice for, we believe that all those things will provide joy, life and success. Allison and I both believe that Jesus is Lord. This is the worldview in which we approach everything. If Jesus is Lord then all of the other things we believe in fall under that. Our worldview is challenging and does make demands on our life, but they are for God’s glory and our joy.

We have a desire to love God, serve God, love one another and serve one another. We are part of God’s grand narrative and have no desire to make the story about us, so as you read our stories we hope you would catch a glimpse of God’s story.


One thought on “About

  1. It has been such a blessing reading about your romance and future plans. What a beautiful testimony! It is so encouraging to read about how you are living for the Lord and seeking His will for your lives. What a wonderful way (the only way) to start your life together.
    Allison’s Elementary School Nurse

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