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Our moving date is rapidly approaching, as well as our delivery date. We will roll out from Oakland to The Oaks on Thursday and Evan should be arriving near the end of November. We look forward to meeting our new doc and figuring out how long it will take to drive down the mountain to get to the hospital. Just like every soon-to-be parent, excitement fills our hearts and we can’t wait to walk along side our son in life.

Everywhere we have gone, friendships have been a huge priority for us. We have pursued people and try our hardest to be vulnerable and serve others. One of the ways God has blessed us is with friends that through grace have become family.

It started in college for Allison and I, when we met Andy and Kristin Vanderveer. They let us in their lives, all of it, not just the clean stuff, teaching us about marriage through washing dishes and loving others by changing diapers. All while pointing us to God who was guiding their lives. Ever since then we have been on a mission to do much of the same.

Moving sucks when this is your goal. It would be way easier to just be hermits, serve, do some tasks and go home. We can’t do it though, we can’t escape this call, its like watching a dog on one of those retractable leashes. When the
owner grabs it at the house, anticipation explodes and the dog readies himself for exploration. The leash means fun and fresh air, the dog runs and presumes a sense of freedom but under the care of the the owner of the leash he locks and reels the dog back in and returning to the purpose of a leash, care, focus and mission.
We now have family all up and down the West Coast. God has expanded our family tenfold preparing us all along to keep up the fight for him with others.going away notes


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  1. Sean it has been a privilege to watch you grow into an amazing young man and to watch your walk with the Lord continue to grow. You and Allison will be amazing parents and I can not wait to meet Evan! I’m so sorry I missed you all this past weekend but I know you all had a wonderful time.
    Continue to trust God and the paths He is leading you and Allison on, the friends/family you have met & connected with along each step of this journey will only continue to grow stronger over the years as you stay in touch! Those you have met have left a fingerprint in your heart as you have in theirs and those are cherished and lifelong connections!
    I love hearing your stories and your thoughts as this keeps me connected in your life as well. You will always hold a special spot in my heart💖
    Love to you and Allison and to precious Evan!! May God continue to bless you all as you continue to follow Him in your next journey🙏

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