Shining Brightly

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I was sitting around a table with a few other guys, we were in the middle of talking about life and God and how often they seem disconnected. The pervasive thought was that of daily tasks or just the mundaneness of life often took precedent in our thoughts and our actions.

The daily task and mundane activities always seem to be so pressing. For us, our recent life has been full of new and stretching experiences. Even in the midst of this our focus on God has been just like everyone else, all over the place. It’s a fight for vision that we have been waging war with with the hope that our focus on, and clear purpose with Jesus would be beautifully mysterious

On page 5 out of 20-something, the young man I was reading with stopped and said, “I hate this and don’t want to do it.” “I looked him in the eyes and said “Look, you have to believe in yourself. You can do this and need to do this.” His vision was short-sighted and he couldn’t understand that his eyes needed to look beyond the difficulties of endless pages and see the stars that brightly are calling his vision.

This will be our 3rd move, 3 different cities in just 27 months. Its been difficult to be honest. God has been long suffering with us, in our mess and our blind walking He remains steadily in front of us. Our deepest desire is to see people become true friends with Jesus. Intimate, sacrificial obedience with the one who extended the same and more.

How have we done? Not well, but Jesus has opened our hearts to many. We have made friends we would lay our lives down for. But more than that, it is the folks that are blind to or seeking the bright lights that we love. The men and women and kids who can’t see, but want to, beyond page 5 that we love.

If the next place we go, we can get folks to turn the page and then look beyond the stars to the hope and joy Jesus brings I will gladly move every year. It’s hard when your desire is to dig deep and develop intense vulnerable friendships that grow together, but here we go again.

Please pray for a vision and purpose larger than ourselves. One that looks to the bright morning star. Pray for the people in Watts and Oakland that hopefully saw a little bit of Jesus as we follow him and that they would continue to experience God’s Kingdom with those who faithfully serve and follow Jesus in the city.


One thought on “Shining Brightly

  1. Sean and Allison, I truly believe God is using you and YOU BOTH are touching lives you may not even realize. God is faithful and you both seek Him at every turn and are following the path He has laid down for you, faithfully. He is always with you and goes before you on each and every twisting path and journey He may be leading you on. I’m excited to see how He will use you both at this next place you will call home! 🙂

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