Oh The Places We Go

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Graffiti is common in the city. It demonstrates the beauty and uniqueness of the city. I love to think of the people behind each piece and the stories that the paint tells. In the neighborhoods that we have lived, graffiti often becomes a tombstone or a place of remembrance. As I walk and come across the RIPS and the names of people no longer here, I say a prayer.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetLife hurts and the blood that has been shed cries out through the remembrance of often young women and men. The hurts have not only been felt in those lost forever, but those who have come and moved on.

This piece of art is our cry. Bye. Family, the city, west Oakland.

It’s interesting how different chapters of your life come to be written. The ink is on the paper and at least for now the next few pages will be written while we serve at a World Impact camp and conference center, The Oaks.

Just as the paint remains on the sidewalks and the ink of our lives continues to be written, we hope both would cause you to look and pray.

We will be moving down to Lake Hughes, California, which is about an hour and a half north of LA, at some point in August or September. We will then proceed to begin living and working at the camp. In the coming weeks we will go and visit, and more conversations will be had to bring clarity to specific roles.

God has truly given us more than we need. Allison and the baby are doing great and we have had very little pregnancy problems. It seems as if our move will be fairly smooth and we even will be able to come back to Texas at the beginning of September.


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