Saturday Stories – 5.30

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I was in the lunch room and a few boys were at a table playing with their ranch dressing. I saw them out of the corner of my eye and went over to address the issue. Of course fingers flew and pointed at each other of whos fault it was, even though all that needed to be said was cut it out just eat it dont play with it. I then said “I may not be looking right at you but I am watching.” I walked away and kept glancing back and they kept giving me eyes. So I decided to see if I could help them help me, I went over and said “look I am here to help the teachers and you but, I will tell you what, You guys get to watch me. I give you permission to call me out, If you ever see me getting angry without reason or you see me being lazy call me out come and tell me, you get to watch me.”

I was playing basketball with two fourth graders 2 against 1. As I check the ball in to them they riddle off this unintelligible list of rules and I just laugh. They are so concerned that I am going to cheat or steal the ball they put all these codes in place. I keep playing and after hearing numerous don’t cheats, don’t foul I say, I am not going to cheat just watch, I will actually let you cheat while I stay straight, watch me. 

Never have I been more aware of my challenges to kids to watch me, when in 6 months I will have my own DNA watching me. 

One thought on “Saturday Stories – 5.30

  1. Sean and Allison, I look so forward to getting a peek into your world and always love your stories & reflections! I’m so sad I missed seeing you at Colin & Heather’s wedding! I hope you know how excited I’m for you both and I know you will be wonderful parents to your little bundle from heaven as well as you are to the children you are coming into contact with each day! Love you both so very much and love seeing how God is moving in your lives!! Susan

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