Saturday Stories – 2/7

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Allison has a little squad of girls at school that follow her around the recess yard. Everyday we explain to yet another kid we are married, not just brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend. As these girls have gotten to know Allison, they have been asking about kids. Allison has told them we just don’t have any yet, we want some, but not yet. One girl with concern on her face said “Mrs. Allison I think you should go to the doctor.”

Part of us moving to Oakland was to usher in a new ear of World Impact. One in which we stop proclaiming to be experts, but instead putting ourselves in a position of learners. Allison and I are on the front lines of this as an organization and are continuing to learn what it looks like to come alongside people that have been doing God honoring things in the city for decades. It looks like us and others organizing a group of pastors from the city and a group from the suburbs to sit down and figure out how we can all work together. Or the men’s training home in which we facilitate men from the communities growing in Christ and then being sent out to start new churches. Mostly this is just a change of posture to humility, it is hard work but when we look to Jesus it is the way he went about his work – being confidently humble.

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