Saturday Stories – 1/31

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There was a special city council meeting last week to open up a dialogue with the city about current race relations and specifically the black lives matter movement. As many of you have watched the news, you have seen Oakland is a hotbed of activism and protest. What most of you don’t know however, is that the history of Oakland is repeating itself. Look back to the 60’s and black folk were tired of outside forces oppressively policing them. These communities were beginning in a new era of freedom and in a new place. It was a so called free world, yet still extremely segregated and racial hate dominated the majority of people in power. Out of this, with a goal of building up and supporting these black communities, the black panther party was formed in Oakland (in our neighborhood by the way). I don’t know about you, but it is amazing to me that slavery was abolished in 1865 yet in 1960, MLK was fighting for rights and now in 2015 we are still struggling to see all people treated equal. 150 years later and our hearts remain dark to those we have considered lesser than us. The effects of slavery and the way we view people runs deep into almost every aspect of America and for sure every aspect of our hearts.


For three weekends in a row by Target down the road where we do most of our shopping, there was a Restoration Hardware warehouse sale. I am not sure if you know of the furniture shop or not, but they have really nice but pretty expensive furniture. Allison and I have wanted a nice leather arm chair since we got married, but have yet to find the right one at the right price. We headed over to the sale and it was literally an empty warehouse with hundreds of furniture items discounted 50-85%. Sorry to burst the bubble, but we didn’t find one we liked. The next week as we were hanging out in San Francisco we were perusing the North Face store and ran into a beautiful chair. Allison pulled all the cushions off the chair searching for the tag to identify where they got it from & it was from Crate and Barrel. Then I had to ask if they would give or sell it to us, but unfortunately they weren’t willing to just give it to us. We are still on a hunt for a chair.

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