Saturday Stories – 1/17

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And we are back at it with the acclaimed Saturday Stories. We can’t guarantee there won’t be another long absence in the future 🙂

Allison sat with a girl at recess who is very vocal and expressive. As Allison was chatting with her, the girl looked up at her and asked her how old she was. Allison answered and the girl looked back and said “so you start getting grey hair when you’re 26?”

The other night I was unloading our car with a few home improvement supplies and had a quick chat with our neighbor. It began with the normal how have you been. He said “between the porch and inside it’s going good, when there is too much drama I just head inside.” Then I asked how long he has lived here. He responded with 8 years, then confirmed that we’re working on our first and asked where we moved from. I said we have been living in LA, Watts to be specific. He laughed and then said “oh shit this is nothing, you are coming from the battle field.”

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