Saturday Stories – 8/2

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In the month of July we had 12 visitors over about 3 weeks. It was a blast to have them all stay in our home and introduce some to our world for the first time. It was also interesting as some of them, left the culture shock I felt diving back into our lives here. The times they were here were filled with conversations, cards and lots of food and were extremely refreshing for us. At times though we we left our neighborhood and our friends here and went elsewhere to experience LA, but we were ready to come back home.

I had 16 and 18 years to live with my brothers and while this time should have been used to stand together and love one another, unfortunately it was often a time of tense putting up with. I love my brothers more today than I can ever say I have. If we could all live together again I would do it at the drop of a hat. For now we can text and call, moving away has actually helped our relationship. One other major factor in our developing love is the women in our lives. For Patrick and I our wives have changed us and for Colin my Mom and Grandma have really just been used to reveal the character he has. Love you dudes.


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