Saturday Stories – 8/16

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One thing that is unique to the community we live in is the ties you begin to make with people you have never talked to before. I often see the same people over and over as I am walking down the street or going to the grocery store. Every now and then I start a conversation with one of these people, but more often they usually start to talk to me. One such person is an older gentlemen that I see a lot. I have always said hi, but it has never come to a full conversation. I think the other day he had finally seen me enough that he stopped me and asked me a question about something I was carrying. He then went on to tell me of how it was a privilege that you could walk down the street like I do and how when he was growing up it was not a great place. I affirmed his statement, that we do count it a great privilege to live here and are able to be a part of this community. Since then I have seen that man multiple times and you can tell my status and our relationship has moved up a notch.

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