Saturday Stories 6/21

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Summer is upon us and as I walk through the projects, you can tell. Many kids are out, there are little inflatable pools out front, fireworks being shot off and lots of people around. I was about a quarter of the way through with putting flyers on doors when I ran into a little 5 year old boy I knew. We stood and talked for a couple minutes and when I went to continue my route he said he would help me. The next door we reached a lady was out side and asked the boy “you headed to work?” He smiled and we continued on. For the next hour he would do one of the sides of the rows of apartments and I would do the other. It was funny because my flyers were above the door handle and all of his were at my knees on the doors. When  we were done I told him thank you for an honest days work and I would pay him for his good work. The next time I saw him I reminded him of his hard work and paid him a couple bucks.

I love to spend time with Allison and I especially love when we get to interact with people here in the neighborhood together. When we go to Nickerson Gardens a lot of our time is spent with the kids that come to almost everything we do. A couple of weeks ago we went over and it was Allison, myself and another girl and we just hung out with about 10 kids, most of them were girls under the age of 12. Talking to the little girls is always fun, they are so innocent and so joyful in the midst of some difficult spots in life. Allison and I talked to one girl about her siblings, what she liked to do and about how beautiful she is. She has a scar on her face and we were asking her about how she got it and she was telling us that she didn’t like it because everyone told her it made here ugly. I got really close and whispered “guess what I think it is beautiful, it makes you special and unique like no one else.” With confusion and intrigue she looked up and smiled.

One of the best ways we can connect with people is through stories. We’re going to try to post a few stories every week from our life. We aren’t anything special, the foolishness of the cross is why we do this (1 Corinthians 1:18). These are just little pictures to point you to Jesus.

One thought on “Saturday Stories 6/21

  1. Sean and Allison – How sweet to read you letters and know that God is working through you to reach at risk kids. So many just need to know they are not alone and are loved unconditionally. I am a CASA volunteer and enjoy this very much. Being the voice of those who sometimes have no voice is challenging, yet rewarding to see how you can make a difference in the life of a child. I know Meme and Dub are arriving soon to visit – Hope you all have a wonderful time. I know you are thrilled when family comes to visit, being so far away. Think of you both often and pray for your ministry. Love – Aunt Raenell

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