Saturday Stories 4/29

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It has been a minute since we have posted some stories. April has been a busy month and our Saturdays have been full. The fact that our line of “work” demands that we stay connected to people really is helpful. The phrase out of sight out of mind is very true and when you have close friends yet you don’t see them it remains difficult to build those relationships up and make sure they are still strong.

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to go up to San Francisco and Oakland with some other World Impact staff. We were checking out the ministry sites there and the work they are doing with local pastors and establishing training/discipleship homes for men and women. The circumstances just happened to work out that Patrick and Kasey would be in the bay area for a work conference, so we stayed an extra two days and explored the city. God has brought us into His true and better family and out of that Patrick, Kasey, Allison and I determined a few years ago that we needed to be a better family. We had all been living in the same city for a while but hadn’t invested that much in each other. We loved another and spent time together but not with purpose. Getting to spend the weekend with them just reminded us of their love and what a little intentionality can do.

I was just finishing a tense conversation with Allison on the phone as some kids were around. One of them looked at me and pointed out that I was upset and was talking all serious. I told them that’s what happens when you are married and two people have to work together. The kid looked up at me and said, “You guys fight?” I laughed and said of course we do, everyone does. With innocence and bewilderment at our fighting the kid looked at me and I said “two people want to do things their own way and you have to work some things out sometimes, you talk about it and then you confess when you were wrong or hurt the other person and you ask forgiveness. Half of our work is proving that we are normal and it is not very hard to do that.

One of the best ways we can connect with people is through stories. We’re going to try to post a few stories every week from our life. We aren’t anything special, the foolishness of the cross is why we do this (1 Corinthians 1:18). These are just little pictures to point you to Jesus.

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