Saturday Stories 3/29

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One of the most exciting things about the city is the unpredictability of your circumstances. I have written before about how I enjoy to go on walks and honestly if I can I’d rather walk somewhere than drive.

The unpredictability is what keeps me on my toes and I have had some interesting run-ins. The other day while headed down the street a nice car came driving by and as I stared at the driver he gave me a wave and then proceeded to park in the parking lot up ahead of me. When I got to the parking lot he called me over. I said what’s up and he just called me over again. He asked me if I was with a group (there was one walking around and hosting a carnival), I said no, I stay down the street. He was wearing sunglasses and I can usually read people pretty well but couldn’t figure out what he wanted. He asked again to clarify that I lived where I said and then asked what I do. I told him about the church and all the things we are involved in. He then asked me if I was interested in learning how to use a video camera. I inquisitively wondered what he meant and for what, I just wanted to know what he was asking about. A few more things were exchanged and then he asked again and added in you are the perfect height and you are laid back, I think you would be pretty good. I reassured him I was ok and didn’t want the job but learned he owned a rap label and wanted someone to do videos and such. Who knows if that was truth but…

I was confused yet feeling good. Anytime I can have a legitimate conversation and people can see me for me, I am happy. I was also shocked but proud that he recognized me as laid back.

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