Saturday Stories 3/15

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Last week as I walked the half mile to Nickerson Gardens to have our worship gathering, I ran into a boy that comes almost every week. It was a hot Sunday and he was laying on the shaded concrete porch without his shirt on. He said come with me to my house so I can get a shirt. One thing I have learned is to jump at these opportunities no matter what you have planned. The reason, there are always lots of kids at our events, but one of the more difficult things is connecting with their parents. We got to his house and his mom was sitting outside. We talked for the five minutes he was inside. A couple observations; people are always shocked we live here and we have to explain and affirm we live here multiple times, I look young for my age and few people believe I am married. The last observation is that when people learn I am married and it is not just me coming over to their neighborhood but my wife also, there seems to be a deeper human connection.

When we moved here to South Central Los Angeles we knew the history and the stigma of the area, (the city changed the official name of this area to South Los Angeles, in part to get away from the stigma) . What I didn’t expect was the lack of amenities in such a large area. When I have to meet with people I usually suggest McDonalds because other than mom and pop shops there are no other good meeting spots in South LA. Here is an infograph we found explaining the lack of amenities.


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One of the best ways we can connect with people is through stories. We’re going to try to post a few stories every week from our life. We aren’t anything special, the foolishness of the cross is why we do this (1 Corinthians 1:18). These are just little pictures to point you to Jesus.

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  1. I don’t remember if it speaks to LA, but A Place at the Table is about food insecurity and how even massively populated areas don’t have “amenities” like grocery stores:

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