Saturday Links – 3/1

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Gentrification: Its Impact on the Local Church – Humble Beast Records

This is an excerpt from a book, pretty insightful (I’d say replace “black” with any displaced ethnicity).

“Yet, as explained above, many black Christians do not feel like they “fit” anywhere. They no longer fit in their old neighborhood. They certainly don’t fit in their new neighborhood. And neither neighborhood seems to be very interested in welcoming them. This means that the people that black Christians can most effortlessly connect with on a human and cultural level are too far away – too scattered – to be evangelized as a community. Yet the people who are most close – most geographically accessible – are those most difficult to connect with on a human and cultural level for many reasons, several of which were illustrated in the opening stories of this chapter.”

Hugh Halter – Sex Offenders and Loss of Judgement

I have heard Hugh Halter speak and I have read his stuff. He continues to challenge me to love and walk as Jesus walked. My insights from this blog are knowing someone’s name can change a lot & knowing someone’s story can turn your world upside down.

World Impact LA Missionary Profile – Sean and Allison

If you would like to check out our March Prayer Letter scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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