Saturday Stories

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Allison is stepping into an increased roll at the school, and she was being the lunch lady for the day. She stood in the kitchen making pancakes and some sausage for the girls. As the lunch hour arrived the girls came down and with innocence and confidence asked, “Mrs. Allison you made lunch?”, “Yes” she said, wondering who they thought had made it, as no one else was around. Then from the girls lips came, “we thought Mr. Sean did all the cooking.”

I love to people watch, but I realized that I was not that good at it until we met our neighbors. Our neighbors and people of the city, know lots of people. A lot of the culture of the city is relational. As I have been outside, hanging out, washing the car, doing some yard work, I have heard the horn honk left and right as their hello as they drive by someone on the block. You learn quickly that relationships and watching people is a skill here. The high view of relationships leads to a high view of respect. Just being here 8 months we have both grown and learned many new things, can’t wait for what is next on the list.

One of the best ways we can connect with people is through stories. We’re going to try to post a few stories every week from our life. We aren’t anything special, the fooliness of the cross is why we do this (1 Corinthians 1:18). These are just little pictures to point you to Jesus.

One thought on “Saturday Stories

  1. Loving your updates. You two are so sweet and your commitment to The Lord and each other is inspiring . Love to you both.

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