Saturday Stories

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Christmas was a great time and we were able to see many folks and family. We loved the time so much. If I, Sean, had a high from the trip it was spending time with my brothers. Jesus is evident in them, their generosity and servanthood.

Before we moved to Los Angeles, we did not know anyone. Knowing that God is our Father and others that follow Him are our literal brothers and sisters, we made it a goal to be intentional and make this a family. The amount of invites, dinners, playing with kids, and activities we’ve been able to invest in have made these people family.

One of the best ways we can connect with people is through stories. We’re going to try to post a few stories every week from our life. We aren’t anything special, the fooliness of the cross is why we do this (1 Corinthians 1:18). These are just little pictures to point you to Jesus.

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