Heat Wave

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The summer is officially over. This past week was hot – the hottest it’s been here since we arrived over two months ago. I know the Texas folks reading this are thinking are you kidding me? But let me explain. When it is 90 degrees out and you leave your house closed up for the day to return home to a steamy heat wall when you open the door, it’s not cool. Then you are hot all night and it begins to cool off only for the sun to be right there again. Allison has been known to take a longer route home just to use the AC in the car longer. Neither one of us have ever lived in a home with no AC, but if we had to live anywhere with no AC it would be here. 48 weeks out of the year it is glorious but 2 weeks of hot and 2 weeks of cold are no good. Allison’s parents were here visiting this past week & we tried to explain to them it isn’t like this all the time. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for them, it will be back to normal next week with a high of 75.

My morning walks through the projects have been one of the highlights of our time here. I have enjoyed seeing new people and meeting a few. I have also enjoyed the questions, the looks, and the laughs. For someone like me to be there and to be seen is huge. How else do you meet people unless they know you? I don’t know how often after the school aged years we just meet tons of new people, but that is what we are doing or at least sticking our faces out there and trying.

Friendships are the key that unlocks growth. Friendships are hard though. It takes time, a lot of time. Keep praying for those, that genuine, give and take, sacrificing friendships would be built.

Over the next few weeks more structured activities will start up (kids clubs, youth bible studies, structured discipleship) and we will be involved in all of these and sometimes leading. We will also be continuing to build community with the other World Impact missionaries and training/learning. This is a marathon, join us in running.

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