Our New Home

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Here we are – this is our tenth day in Watts & we have yet to share any pictures of our new home! We will write another post with stories & photos of our long road trip out to SoCal soon, but we know many of you are itching for some pics of this place we call home. I’m no photography expert, so ignore the poorly lit & unedited pictures. It’s all real around here! Without further ado, with the wonderful help of Sean’s mom & Kasey styling our new digs, let’s get this started!

View from the front door into our living room:



The doorway at the back leads into the kitchen & off of the living room is the dining room/office.




The office is just to the right of this picture behind the wall where the TV is. I love this little nook! And please excuse the big huge green chair – you use what you have on hand! We will hopefully be upgrading to an actual desk chair in the future.




And since you can see a dining room chair in the picture above, this space also serves as the dining room which is probably my favorite spot in the house.



Now to the kitchen!



The room you can see at the back is the guest room & the laundry room is to the right of the stove in the picture below. I’m also loving the two chairs you see below that we scored for $5 each at the World Impact Thrift Store! Just imagine a small table to go with them.



And here’s the guest room…which is probably the least finished spot in the house. A lot of things that didn’t have a home got put in the corner of this room as you can see below.





Now to our room, which is right next door. We went for a darker color in this room & Sean was hesitant since the room is smaller, but I love it! It’s called Polaris Blue.


And that’s it! We are loving this little house on 114th Street & are so thankful that Beth & Kasey helped us set this place us to feel like home.

One thought on “Our New Home

  1. Looks wonderful and appreciate having a small apt, as I am tired of pulling weeds and cleaning a big house. It gets really old quickly. You will have so much more free time ti explore CA. Glad you made it safely. Looking forward to following your time there.
    Aunt Margaret

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