Less Than a Week

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Four days until we hit the road out to LA. We both stopped working two weeks ago and have had a busy schedule trying to fit in one last lunch or hang out with all of those close to us here. We spent last week in The Woodlands & memories were made and goodbyes were said to my Grandparents and Dad. This past weekend we had a going away party and it was a special time to see people we love. Before the party started, Allison mentioned that she had butterflies in her stomach and I was feeling introspective. I sat in the chair in the living room just praying for good times, for the future of our friends, our families and the few hours we would spend that day with all of those people.

It is hard to explain how we feel. It is such a mix of emotions; you want to feel excited but there is deep sadness to leave. To think about the dates our younger siblings will bring home and we won’t be there, the babies that will be born, the life events, the struggles of our friends, the list is longer and starts to smear with the drops of tears. We cling to the truth that God is King and the Holy Spirit is our comforter. The closer we get to God, the closer we grow to all those that follow Jesus. My dude Json wrote a song called “Goodbye” and in it he echos these thoughts in so many words. We love it here, we love our family, we love our friends, but have to follow the God we love.

I don’t want to make it seem that we don’t want to go or we will always be thinking when will we come back. Honestly I am only sad in those moments when I think about the specific things that we will mis. Our love for LA grows every day and I can only imagine that when we live there and get in the grind of life our hearts will grow fonder and fonder. We are also joining an amazing family of people dedicated to the same mission who we will do life with.

This Friday the 21st we will get in our car with my mom and Kasey (Patrick’s wife) and start the drive. All of our things minus three or so bags, will be on the Daryl Flood moving truck and Sunday the 23rd we will arrive at our house. Our new address will be 1964 E 114th Street, Los Angeles, 90059. Some people have expressed they may like to send mail and while letters will make it into our hands without ease. If you find yourself wanting to send a package we will have to let you know if you can send them to our house or somewhere else. Just hold off until we can get you the right address.

We love you guys.

One thought on “Less Than a Week

  1. How sweet, such a brave, dedicated couple. My prayers will always be with u and when I can send funds I will do that also.
    Pray that your new life will be filled with love and peace and happiness and successful ministries for the Lord. I pray for so
    many blessings for u and I know God will supply all the things u need. Life will be good because u will be doing so much good
    for the kingdom. God bless u both, I love u, keep us informed….. Love, Jean Harper Showalter

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