The Date Is Set


We are moving.


June 21st we will drive the 1,562 miles from Denton to Los Angeles (with detours to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!).

We truly have the best family and that includes you. Faithfully, sacrificially and lovingly people have been supporting us since last July. Through their gifts, one time gifts and new financial partners we have the green light to go. We are beyond excited. It has been a long time of anticipating and it is now upon us.

In order for new life to spring up a little death has to happen. That death is hard and sometimes you have to just sit in the middle of the stink. But new life, beauty, joy, and friendship will grow fresh. We couldn’t put it any better than my mom’s words “how can you be so excited and yet so miserable at the same time?”

We have told you where we will live and over the last month World Impact has done a great job preparing the house for our arrival. There are two needs that go along with the house…a refrigerator and a gas dryer. If you know somebody or you would like to help with those needs just let us know.

I thought you said you needed to be at 100% monthly supporters?

We did.

Are you at 100% monthly supporters?


Then why are you going?

If you take all of the support we have received and average it all together, we will be supported monthly at 100%.

Do you still need more support?

Yes, we still want to be at 100% monthly supporters. We also know people want to give a one time gift or maybe a quarterly gift. We welcome inquiries and would love to share our vision with you.

Thank you all, we can’t say enough about the people that read our updates and are excited for us. Time and time again you hear missionaries talk about loneliness or homesickness and one of the ways for you to help us combat these feelings is through your reading and commenting or emailing or writing a letter.

We love you all and if you find yourself in LA give us a shout.

2 thoughts on “The Date Is Set

  1. We are so excited!! Can’t wait to have you here! We are praying for your transition and travels.
    Jen and Todd

  2. Dear Sean and Allison,
    I am sure your are so excited to finally be able to see your dreams of starting your life as missionaries fulfilled, at the same time I am sure there is a sadness of moving away from your family and friends. I trust God to provide for you each step of the way and to also provide for your family and friends who will be missing your presence in their daily lives. Continue to listen to Gods guidance allowing Him to lead you each step of the way. One of the things I have always told Ryan and Morgan is that “God never promised us a rose garden”…then I’d smile at them and say, “Oh, but He did; one with lots of thorns.”:-) As you have already experienced this with the changes in locations and the confusion that came with that change, but you trusted Him to guide and to plant you where He needs you to be! Hold on to your faithfulness, trusting Him to always light up the path under your feet, guiding you and providing for you! Also remember, His timing is perfect:-)!!!
    We love you and look forward to hearing how God is working through you both!!!
    Ken and Susan

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