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In this post I will

  • Update you on our living situation

  • Communicate our need for $716 in monthly support

  • Give some prayer requests

The first step in our transition to LA happened this past week. It was bittersweet to see almost all of our stuff get packed and loaded and transported out of our hands. Allison works for a great company called Daryl flood Relocation & Logistics. She has worked there for the past two and a half years and they truly have been such a blessing. From the CEO down they care about people and want to do things the right way. Such grace and generosity hasn’t stopped and they offered to move us to California. Not only that, but they truly have put up with our crazy projections of when we would leave and continuing to stick with Allison as part of their team. We can’t say enough about them.

You might be asking so what are we doing now? We moved in with Patrick and Kasey last Sunday, a couple bags and items in tow with the hopes of spending a month here while God brings in the needed $716 a month to be at 100%.

Our lives are not ours to play with, but caught up in the winds God moves. None of what we have (possessions, gifts, bodies etc.) are ours, it’s all Gods. We are just servants managing the things he has given. Just like everyone else we are putting one foot in front of another trying to live this out.

Please pray

  • The other 24% or $716 a month would be raised

  • Time with family and friends would be enriching

  • Focus on living our lives in the moment and not the future

  • Our marriage would display and grow in the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection

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  1. Praying for you both!!

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