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The light is on the horizon, that is what I said in the last update and it took a little longer than most sunrises and still hasn’t fully revealed itself but the rays of light are getting brighter and brighter. In a week, Allison and I will be flying out to LA for a visit to explore a few options. After learning we wouldn’t be headed to St. Louis, our minds ran with every option and after deciding to stay with World Impact we began to dream what life would look like. Chester, Pennsylvania (30 mins outside Philly) and LA were to two cities that we we interested in.

After a few weeks of the staff and everyone thinking about where to send us, LA is a better option. Things are still not set in stone and that is what this visit is for. World Impact began over 40 years ago in LA, and still remains the headquarters. As of right now there are two Christian schools, a teen center, multiple church plants, 50+ missionaries and lots more going on.

Pray for our trip, the missionaries we will meet and direction on where we will go.


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