Change of Plans


It’s been a minute since we have given an update on where we are with World Impact and a lot has happened recently. The past two weeks have been crazy to say the least. Our emotions have been strung up and played with like a puppeteer. Direction and clarity does seem to be on the horizon and we are more dedicated to move forward.

A little back story if you haven’t been trekking with us – we have been in the process of thinking, applying and interviewing with World Impact for the past 3 years. This whole time, ministering specifically in St. Louis has been on our hearts. Two weeks ago we thought we were ready to move; our support was at the level that would put us in the field for a year and we would continue to raise more monthly supporters as we went because monthly supporters are what keeps you in the field longer. The excitement we felt was something we haven’t felt in a long time. We had begun to make plans and organize our lives to move, but the Lord said hold up.

The leadership wanted us to stay put and continue to raise more monthly supporters in order to be more stable as we continued on. The excitement we felt turned into disappointment and frustration and yet the Lord said hold up.

We then began thinking we will push hard and hopefully within a month or two we will be moving. Come to find out that Jesus had his hand on all of this and we learned that the director of the city ministry in St. Louis is resigning. He and his wife have served in the city for some years and felt God calling them out and into new areas. All of this news came with a tidal wave of devastation. “What now?” was our cry. Dreams and plans have filled our heart for St. Louis and now they felt like sand falling through our hands.

Just between you and me, in the darkest times the light shines brighter than ever. After the initial heartbreak, a peace that transcends all understanding has been present. We know that God is all-powerful through Jesus’ resurrection and we are His children and can rest.

“What now?” is still our cry but not from a place of fear but a place of “Lord take us where you want, it’s not about us.” World Impact ministers in 10 cities across America; I guess you could change our cry to “Where now?”

We want to love God and love others.

We want to evangelize, equip, and empower men and women in the city.

We want to see a church planting movement spread like a virus in the cities of America.

Please join us in prayer for the people leading us; pray for us and clarity in where God wants us; pray for more people to join our team of supporters.

Hopefully our direction will be known soon, but we are still at work here raising a team of people that we can stand on their shoulders and they can send us out to put in some work. We are close to 100% for the year when you average in one-time gifts and monthly supporters.  That is amazing, but we are only at 60% of monthly supporters.

We are really looking for people who might prayerfully consider giving on a monthly basis, because this truly is the fuel that makes the engine go. As far as monthly supporters go, we are looking to raise the other 40% which is $1,144 a month. Please consider a $10, $25, or more gift a month. You can do this by check (check out the Support page) or online by clicking the yellow “Support Us” button on this page.

“I don’t really worry about tomorrow, tomorrow can worry about me”

4 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. “But The Lord said hold up.” : )
    Love you guys & your example of resting in The Lord.

  2. Great insights into God’s uncomfortable, sanctifying grace. Love you guys!

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