Endings and Beginnings

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Ever hear those echos in your head from the words long forgotten or maybe the word that never seemed closer. I’d say more than ever in our lives this year has been filled with the voluminous sound of wisdom. A half year into marriage, work, beginning to raise support and inching closer and closer to being sent to St. Louis. To say the least, our minds and hearts have been poked and prodded this year.

The start of a new year doesn’t always bring a completely new life and new challenges, but for us this year brings exactly that. The edge of greatness is ahead of us all. This is not to say that our lives or your lives are better than anyone else’s, but in this mindset our thoughts and actions mean something. I don’t know how much time you spend in your mind exploring the depths of your belief, taking your world view to the farthest extent, but the caves of my mind remain full. It may be strange, but I love to challenge everything. Ask Allison, it can be hard though. Confronting the whys and the hows of life is messy. To discover the depths of belief, some might need a gentle brush but others a chisel. Allison is the former and myself the latter, but how freeing when you feel the pain of the bristles or the pang of  the sharp edge.

The end of a year brings reflection and often regret, but rest knowing that the work has already been accomplished on our behalf. We should be striving to be normal people with spectacular lives because of Jesus. His love, His peace, His sacrifice evident in all things.

We are still looking for people to join us in bringing the hope of love of The Kingdom of God to North St. Louis and beyond. We would love to sit down and discuss the vision and ministry of World Impact St. Louis with you or your friends. Don’t hesitate to comment or email us if you would like to hear more.

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