Thank God For Milk and 30 for 40

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Growing up milk was the favoured drink for dinner time. Not only did it make the veggies go down smoother but mama always told us it made our bones stronger. This week I needed all the strength I could get. Sweet friends invited us to go skiing this past week and we jumped at the opportunity. Allison is an expert skier; she has been multiple times and can fly down the mountain with ease. Myself, on the other hand, had only been skiing once. That one time was over 10 years ago in Pennsylvania on a much smaller mountain. Lets just say I had never been skiing.

So we head to Breckenridge, CO and arrive at this beautiful house with an amazing view of the mountain and prepare for the next day on the slopes.


I have always thought skiing would be fun and here was my chance. The mountain was buzzing with people since there was a professional mountain championship going on (Dew Tour 2012). The night before, I dreamt of getting in the skis and manoeuvring with no thought. Morning comes, I hook into the skis, ride the lift up and am ready to go. At this point I am thinking maybe I need some practice, because I could barley make it through the ski lift line ok! Push that thought behind me and approach the easy green slope right? The down slope was no where to be seen – just the tip before dropping off the face of the mountain (or so it seemed). I thought to myself, here goes nothing and remembering the pizza style skiing to stop, I would be fine. But oh no – I took off and that dang pizza wasn’t slowing me down and I came to a fierce fall/slide about 10 yards. I was ok (kind of), got right back up and started again trying to descend as slow as possible. But alas, it didn’t work out so well and it took me forever. 7 falls later I was on dry land. Luckily I drank all that milk or my bones might be in two different places. The whole day wasn’t as bad. I took some runs down a much easier hill and enjoyed watching people and seeing some professionals on the half pipe and the jumps. I even got to see Shaun White win the snow board half pipe final.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with our friends and even through the bumps and bruises for me, enjoyed being on the mountain. Allison and I have always had our eyes on January as our departure date for St Louis so this was perfect timing right before Christmas to get away and relax in a place so beautiful.

Like I said, January is the goal, we are still in need of support though.

30 people at $40 a month will get us there. Please feel free to laugh at me falling and at the same time consider being one of those 30 people to join us on the journey.

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