Are We There Yet?

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You know that feeling when you are taking a long car trip and you keep looking at the green mile signs indicating how far it is to your next destination? For some it makes it feel like you will never make it, but others it is a victory every time you see the number go down. I took my fair share of long road trips growing up and probably will in the future. Those mile markers never seemed to move me; I would always try to keep my eye from them and just focus on the end goal. That is how my mind works -big picture. There are times though, that the interruption of knowing where you are and how far you have to go is crucial. Each one of us is unique and the set of eyes we use to see the world through are different. They are layered with joy, adventures and sufferings which allow us to process events differently. Allison likes the facts and the steps to get where she is going. It helps her to have a list so that she can go from item to item and check it off. I, on the other hand, like to have the end goal and then I will feel my way to the end goal.

In this journey of support raising, we have kept a close eye on the markers and yet the outline of the future lies ahead of us. In order to move to St. Louis, minister full time and love our neighbours, we need to raise $2859 a month. Over and over, we keep hearing “Are we there yet?” Not only from friends and family, but from within our hearts. God has been patiently pruning us and leading us to a place where our hearts are in two places. So, when we respond with God has brought us to the 50% mark it is with great joy and eager expectations.

What’s next? You have gotten this far what else do you do? How will you raise the rest?

The need…$1422 a month…if you break it down it would take about 29 people at 50 dollars a month!

What if you can’t give that much?

No worries, we would love for you to be apart of our team and a gift as little as $10 a month would be celebrated with just as much enthusiasm.

What if you can’t give at all?

Please sign up to receive our monthly prayer letter either by email or regular mail.(Just send us your email address or mailing address and we will put you down)

As the team continues to build and eventually God has placed in position every one of you, we will pull the car into the final destination. The roar of the engine will shut off, we will reach for land, stretch out, take a deep breath and look back at where we came from and move forward with purpose.

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