A Long Time Coming

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“Stories, in contrast to abstract statements of truth, tease us into becoming participants in what is being said. We find ourselves involved in the action. We may start as spectators or critics, but if the story is good, we find ourselves no longer just listening to but inhabiting the story.”

We have been spectators and even critics but now we are participants in the story. It has been a long time coming but two weeks ago we were officially accepted as World Impact Missionaries. We are extremely excited to see how the chapters of this story will unfold and want you all to be just as much a part of it.

First for those of you who may not know, World Impact is a Christian missions organization committed to facilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the unchurched urban poor. They currently minister in ten cities from the west coast to the east coast. They also have four camps and four schools. In 1965 Keith Phillips, who is the founder and president of World Impact, went into Jordan Downs Federal Housing Project in Watts (Los Angeles) and his heart never left the city.

We have a God-sized vision for the cities of America and specifically St. Louis, Missouri. We will be joining other missionary families, their kids and a couple of interns, who together hope to see people raised up to plant churches in their community. World Impact over the years has been dedicated to raising up indigenous leaders to bring hope and transformation in their context. Even though we know God has broken down racial, generational, and cultural barriers, they still exist & this is why men and women from the community are so crucial.

In order to raise up and train men and women, in the last ten or so years World Impact has developed a seminary level education called The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). This is a very important tool that allows people with limited education, limited money and inability to get into or go to a formal seminary to get a Christian education. TUMI is everything you would get in a formal seminary minus the Greek and Hebrew. This ministry alone has unknown potential for the cities of America.

As missionaries we will live where we serve, so that we are part of the community and we are available to love and serve our neighbors. God has gifted Allison to work hard behind the scenes with such a sacrificial and giving heart. Her desire to help others will have a huge impact as she will be handling a lot of administration and because she has a degree in Accounting, will fill a gap in both of those areas. She will also be very involved with the youth programs. The major focus that I will have is with church planting, helping train up leaders, organizing structures etc. One way we will be reaching out is through a Men’s 18+ basketball program in which I will be heavily involved in building relationships, teaching and oversight.

We truly are, like I said at the beginning, ready for this chapter of our story and want all of you to feel just as wrapped up in the story as we are. We cannot wait to see what God has for us and trust that He will do big things despite us.

Please ask questions

Please pray

Please listen for God

Please join us in this adventure

We love you all,

Sean & Allison

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  1. Love you, sweet ones.

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