Life Since We’ve Been Married

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Life has been moving quickly for us, today marks the 6th month of marriage it really seems like just the other day we got married. Allison works at Daryl Flood Moving Company as a Financial Analyst and she is enjoying it a lot. I am working at Fastenal at the distribution center here in Denton. Spending time together at night are some of our favorite times. Allison is a great cook and has been learning lots of new things. We also have the privilege of participating in a ministry at church that ministers to families of incarcerated men and women. This has been a dope time to share with people who feel hopeless and full of shame but are pointed to Jesus, the one who comforts and heals.

A lot of people have been asking what is up with St. Louis and so we wanted to share what is going on with that. Moving to St. Louis is definitely still of the radar and we are so passionate about it and have a growing desire every day for the people and the city. We would like to make it clear that we are not just moving to St. Louis on our own to do our own thing, but we will hopefully be going to join in with an organization and a wonderful staff at World Impact. World Impact is a 40-year-old Ministry that is in 10 cities across the nation.  World Impact is a Christian missions organization committed to facilitating church-planting movements by evangelizing, equipping, and empowering the unchurched urban poor. The ministry site in St. Louis, which we have a desire to join, opened in 1976. At this moment there are two couples on staff: one with a 2-year-old daughter and a son on the way and the other with a 2-year-old boy. One of the couples has lived there for a little over two years and the other  for over 5  years.

God has been moving in Sean’s heart since freshman year of college, drawing him to this culture and He is bringing us to the point of finally joining in the work. World Impact has a very healthy process for bringing on new staff and we started it about a year ago. First came the application, each of us filling out a 30 page application covering all areas of life. Next came an interview that we completed in August. This was a weekend trip to Wichita, one of the city ministry sites. It was a great time of learning more about World Impact, meeting missionaries, touring the city, and interviewing. We were both interviewed (think dialogue, discussion) for about 3 hours separately and then later on together for about an hour. This was a dope time of just open dialogue about our life past, present and future. We found it to be very healthy for no other reason than to just process through our lives. It has been made clear by God that we are both called to do this work, and the people of World Impact saw that. They were very gracious and only wanted the best for us, our marriage, and our relationship with Jesus. At the conclusion of the weekend we had a few options to choose from on how to move forward. We took about a week to pray and talk through those. Ultimately we decided that God had us staying here in Denton for at least the next year. We would take this time to grow in our marriage, grow in our relationship with Jesus and make sure that we are grounded. The third step in the process is a weeklong assessment process in which there are activities, interviews and teachings.  If accepted, we then are able to move forward with our journey to St. Louis (or wherever the Lord has us.) At this point in the game, if the Lord allows us to get this far, then we would start to raise missionary support and as soon as we reach our goal we would move to St. Louis.

We hope to be more faithful to our little blog than the neglect that we have shown it over the past six months. In the meantime, here is a brief update of our life since we have been married.

First, came a glorious Honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. We spent 7 wonderful days eating & laying out by the beach and pool.

In July, we got to be a part of our sweet friends Brad & Kristin Deal’s wedding. Sean lived with Brad for a year in college and we were so excited that we got the wonderful Kristin along with his friendship!

In September, we went to the first football game in the new stadium at UNT with Brad & Courtney. We spent the majority of the game with the sun in our eyes, but it was still an exciting game…for the first half at least.

A few weeks ago, we got to spend time with sweet friends who Allison grew up with.

This past weekend, we got the pleasure of being a part of the wonderful Sam & Kayce Strader’s wedding. Sean lived with Sam for this past year before we got married.

We know this post is long, so if you have faithfully read to the end, then we appreciate you!

With love,

Mr. & Mrs. Daly

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