1 Month

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Well we are married now and it has been just one day over a month now. It has been amazing time it seems like it has gone so fast and look forward to the time ahead. Just some of the highlights have been spending a week in the Dominican Republic, moving in together and for me(Sean) just getting to wake up and serve Allison everyday. I am in no way great, but I have just been praying that the joy I have received from serving her and pouring myself out for her would last a lifetime. We have been able to spend good time with close friends and with heavy hearts watch the Vanderveer’s leave to start a new life. Marriage has been such a blessing to my life and I have been able to relate to God and his love for us even more, just feeling the call to love and lead Allison and our family in a manner worthy of our calling. We are still so thankful for all the people in our lives who helped, supported or came to the wedding. I was blown away even to the point of tears by the service and can’t thank people enough. Allison’s family was such a blessing in the time leading up to the wedding, helping her maintain the tasks and just pouring themselves out for us. My family was so supportive and also poured themselves out for us in numerous ways. It is extremely humbling to see a gang of people love you so much to sacrifice for you. We can’t say thank you enough.

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