16 weeks and a Lifetime

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Many of you know that What Allison and I seek to do with our lives but many of you don’t know. Let me try to lay it out as clear as possible. Our lives our not our own we belong to someone far greater than ourselves and so every thought, every action, every word is a reflection of that person. Our goal is to live a life pleasing to Him and proclaim his excellencies. Now this may seem weighty and far off like I am trying to make things bigger than they really are, but I believe that everything, and everyone is preaching a gospel, we are all telling stories and sweeping people into the tales we tell. There is one grand story in which all other stories fit under. Someone once said “Our lives must find their place in some greater story or they will find their place in some lesser story.” So we can decide whether to be swept up by the grander story or we can let the little stories of our lives dominate. That all being said, Allison and I are on a mission to tell the greater story, to travel on this path and bring undeserved favor, hope and love to all people.

Our hearts continually beat after things, this is in its basic form worship. Life is surrounded by worship. We are choosing to worship things moment after moment, what I m trying to say is what are you worshiping? Allison and I have decided that God is the only thing that deserves worship above all else. We are on a mission and this is what it is…”Psalm 103:22 Praise the lord, everything he has created, everything in all his kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord.”

We desire to do this in the context of Urban America. Specifically, Allison and I feel called to minster to the people of North St. Louis. This is an area that like many other inner cities of America is filled with hopelessness, crime, and many other effects of sin. We believe that even in the midst of hard circumstances and deep sin that God has a special place in His kingdom building for these people. God loves the poor and so Allison and I want to do the same. We believe that God is beginning to raise up men and women to lead a movement of church planting within the inner cities of America. We just want to be a part of God’s plan and use the abilities that he has given us to teach, disciple and live in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to do his work.

Allison is such an amazing women and I look forward to marrying her and watching God move through her life. I want to be there to support and empower her to live a life worthy of her calling. She has a heart to reach young ladies and raise them up to follow God. I believe that God has blessed Allison with such a gentle spirit and love for the people around her that she will shine bright among darkness. It is my job as a her husband to shepherd, enable and watch over Allison as we go about life where ever we are. God has communicated that marriage is a big deal and that the good news is displayed primarily through your marriage. As we go to a place where marriage has become near non existent, it becomes even more important for me to love God and love Allison. The bible has some things to tell me and for me to contemplate and learn about it says “husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way”(1 Peter 3:7). This has been something that I have asked myself thousands of times while dating Allison…am I treating her in an understanding way? It is a deep challenge to my heart and I hope to grow in this area more and more. God also tells me that as a husband I am supposed to “love your wife, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25). I am to put myself on the cross everyday, giving up my desires and hopes for Allison’s because that is what Christ did for me and her.  It is a beautifully humbling thing to reflect that Christ had his body broke and his blood poured out for me and I am to do the same thing for Allison.

Marriage is coming in 16 weeks and I am beyond excited. I love Allison and we Love God and as we grow closer to God we will grow closer to each other. I hope that moment by moment for the rest of our lives we can “Praise the lord, everything he has created, everything in all his kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord.” We are about the business of the Lord and building his Kingdom.

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