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The Giving Season

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Thank you so much for your donations throughout the year. They went toward our ability to help aid and resource churches and people from some of the most under-resourced communities in the U.S. 

As the year comes to an end, many of you look to support people and organizations in a special way.

Please consider a year-end donation to us, in order to continue helping families, pastors and churches.

DONATE!!  Every gift counts -$5-$100, one-time or monthly. 

Thank You for your love and for your donations. 


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Stories That Form Us

Our stories are pretty insignificant in the long run, but honestly made possible by those who believe in our friends and neighbors in the city, but also believe in us.  We follow hundreds of thousands of other people before us who in their ordinary lives loved God and others. God has placed us in the lives of countless kids, moms, dads, brothers and sisters. We have loved every minute and learned a ton about life and love. Over the years as missionaries most of our work has been to just aid in what the community already brings to the table. These are observations from our heart to walk alongside strong and able bodied people who are trying to be just like the thousands before them trying to live ordinary lives loving God and others. Thank you for your continued support and if you would like to give today on Giving Tuesday, please follow the link that says support us and search our names in the search staff or ministry box.

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Light on a Hill

I stood up at dinner looking at a room of 200 people and couldn’t help but smile. Laughter and crackling voices filled the air mixed with the clinging of spoons in coffee mugs. Honestly, it is a sight that I fear is going to become less of a reality for most of us. I stood and looked at tables of 6th grade students from a predominately white Christian school, tables filled with men from a black church, and even more tables with men from a Hispanic church.

My eyes were filled with wonder as they waited for the soda fountain drinks, politely interacting but with such authenticity. The fruits of the spirit were on display and if only for that moment on that weekend, the Kingdom of God which tears down all barriers and doesn’t consider yourself more important than others, was made tangible.

Relationships and civility are at a low point, people are tired, hatred is palpable. The Oaks is a place where all of these sentiments can be fought, set apart to bring all people of all statuses together in a common space and build relationships that together are not a clanging gong but a light on a hill.

This is our home, this is our heart, this is our hope.


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Our moving date is rapidly approaching, as well as our delivery date. We will roll out from Oakland to The Oaks on Thursday and Evan should be arriving near the end of November. We look forward to meeting our new doc and figuring out how long it will take to drive down the mountain to get to the hospital. Just like every soon-to-be parent, excitement fills our hearts and we can’t wait to walk along side our son in life.

Everywhere we have gone, friendships have been a huge priority for us. We have pursued people and try our hardest to be vulnerable and serve others. One of the ways God has blessed us is with friends that through grace have become family.

It started in college for Allison and I, when we met Andy and Kristin Vanderveer. They let us in their lives, all of it, not just the clean stuff, teaching us about marriage through washing dishes and loving others by changing diapers. All while pointing us to God who was guiding their lives. Ever since then we have been on a mission to do much of the same.

Moving sucks when this is your goal. It would be way easier to just be hermits, serve, do some tasks and go home. We can’t do it though, we can’t escape this call, its like watching a dog on one of those retractable leashes. When the
owner grabs it at the house, anticipation explodes and the dog readies himself for exploration. The leash means fun and fresh air, the dog runs and presumes a sense of freedom but under the care of the the owner of the leash he locks and reels the dog back in and returning to the purpose of a leash, care, focus and mission.
We now have family all up and down the West Coast. God has expanded our family tenfold preparing us all along to keep up the fight for him with others.going away notes

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Shining Brightly

I was sitting around a table with a few other guys, we were in the middle of talking about life and God and how often they seem disconnected. The pervasive thought was that of daily tasks or just the mundaneness of life often took precedent in our thoughts and our actions.

The daily task and mundane activities always seem to be so pressing. For us, our recent life has been full of new and stretching experiences. Even in the midst of this our focus on God has been just like everyone else, all over the place. It’s a fight for vision that we have been waging war with with the hope that our focus on, and clear purpose with Jesus would be beautifully mysterious

On page 5 out of 20-something, the young man I was reading with stopped and said, “I hate this and don’t want to do it.” “I looked him in the eyes and said “Look, you have to believe in yourself. You can do this and need to do this.” His vision was short-sighted and he couldn’t understand that his eyes needed to look beyond the difficulties of endless pages and see the stars that brightly are calling his vision.

This will be our 3rd move, 3 different cities in just 27 months. Its been difficult to be honest. God has been long suffering with us, in our mess and our blind walking He remains steadily in front of us. Our deepest desire is to see people become true friends with Jesus. Intimate, sacrificial obedience with the one who extended the same and more.

How have we done? Not well, but Jesus has opened our hearts to many. We have made friends we would lay our lives down for. But more than that, it is the folks that are blind to or seeking the bright lights that we love. The men and women and kids who can’t see, but want to, beyond page 5 that we love.

If the next place we go, we can get folks to turn the page and then look beyond the stars to the hope and joy Jesus brings I will gladly move every year. It’s hard when your desire is to dig deep and develop intense vulnerable friendships that grow together, but here we go again.

Please pray for a vision and purpose larger than ourselves. One that looks to the bright morning star. Pray for the people in Watts and Oakland that hopefully saw a little bit of Jesus as we follow him and that they would continue to experience God’s Kingdom with those who faithfully serve and follow Jesus in the city.

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Saturday Stories – 7/4

Check out our last blog post on information about us moving to The Oaks. Also be sure take a look at the “Support Us” button on the right to see what you may be able to contribute in our effort to serve under resourced communities across the West Coast. As everyone knows the addition of a little one raises your expenses and therefore our monthly contributors now only accounts for 55% of the needed funds. No need to fret though, people like you all continue to give one time gifts throughout the year.

This week was a lot of fun for Allison and I as we got to see our baby, but also got to share it with everyone. One boy in the neighborhood said “Did you get to choose??” Another little girl excitedly exclaimed  “I got my wish!”

Here is a little treat, I can not stop watching it!

Evan Philip Daly

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Oh The Places We Go

Graffiti is common in the city. It demonstrates the beauty and uniqueness of the city. I love to think of the people behind each piece and the stories that the paint tells. In the neighborhoods that we have lived, graffiti often becomes a tombstone or a place of remembrance. As I walk and come across the RIPS and the names of people no longer here, I say a prayer.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetLife hurts and the blood that has been shed cries out through the remembrance of often young women and men. The hurts have not only been felt in those lost forever, but those who have come and moved on.

This piece of art is our cry. Bye. Family, the city, west Oakland.

It’s interesting how different chapters of your life come to be written. The ink is on the paper and at least for now the next few pages will be written while we serve at a World Impact camp and conference center, The Oaks.

Just as the paint remains on the sidewalks and the ink of our lives continues to be written, we hope both would cause you to look and pray.

We will be moving down to Lake Hughes, California, which is about an hour and a half north of LA, at some point in August or September. We will then proceed to begin living and working at the camp. In the coming weeks we will go and visit, and more conversations will be had to bring clarity to specific roles.

God has truly given us more than we need. Allison and the baby are doing great and we have had very little pregnancy problems. It seems as if our move will be fairly smooth and we even will be able to come back to Texas at the beginning of September.